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Richard Reid and Associates is a renowned Sevenoaks based architectural practice with a studio in Guangzhou, China. Best known for their work on the award winning development at Lower Mill Estate, competition winning projects for Kleinzschocher, Leipzig, the Bertalia-Lazzaretto District, Bologna, and the masterplan, in collaboration with Max Lyons of Lyons+Sleeman+Hoare, for the Garden City of Greenville for the Urban Village Group. They also prepared the masterplan for Nansha Bay. The skills of the practice are in understanding that the scales and appropriateness for a range of projects, from a small hamlet in the Cotswolds to a new town along the banks of the Pearl River, are crucial.

The practice are also specialists in regeneration and mixed use housing developments where place making is the key, as seen in their work in Leipzig, Germany, Nansha, China and in the UK at Thurrock and Ashford.


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